I’m back!!!

How is it that anytime I have huge plans on what I’m going to write about, a health problem comes along and disturbs my plan?

Well, this time it was an enormous issue and a long time for recovery. I really apologise I wasn’t there for you but I can promise that when I’m not writing, I have a serious reason rather than being lazy.

Now, what happened?

I was feeling tired all the time, my doctor said that my thyroid is ok and I just have to wait through the cold weather. I was on a healthy diet and I was putting on weight and couldn’t fit to any of my clothes. I was worried but I heard that everything is fine, and that the situation will change eventually. As suspected, it didn’t change and it got worse. But then, I spoke with a colleague of mine and she recommended another endocrinologist, and that was the best idea ever. I went to the new doctor and first thing I heard was, I cannot feel like this, we need to find what is going on.

Finally, a doctor who took me seriously. She run a number of test and we now know what are we fighting against. My thyroid is under control but I am insulin resistant. That is why, I was feeling tired and couldn’t lose weight. I got meds to help with my glucose and insulin levels and I am now on a low glycemic index diet. I am losing weight and I don’t feel tired anymore. I have a lot of energy and I will share all the details of my diet and training plan with you ?

Feel free to comment when you also have a similar health issue.

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