A Plan for Victory!

I recently visited my doctor and unfortunately, I didn’t receive good news. My thyroid is not doing well and it shows in almost every aspect of my life. I am forgetful with a huge mind fog, I put on a lot of weight, my skin is dry and my joints hurt with every move. Now, you would think that would make me sad or even depressed? On the contrary, that makes me even more motivated to fight my immune devil 🙂

The thyroid medicine the doctor prescribed me are my back up for the battle soldierand I am equipped with motivation, dedication and positive attitude. And I also have my little soldier that will protect me throughout the whole time 🙂


What sort of a plan is it, you might think? Well, I am sure that by focusing on only three aspects will make an enormous difference:


I will apologise to my yoga mat and will practice some asanas for my joints and a peaceful mind. In fact, I have my first class tomorrow (yay!). I will not limit myself to yoga, however, some cardio, aerobics or any other sport will be definitely beneficial. I believe that movement will help with my metabolism, I will be in a better mood and what is the most important I will fight stress from a long day of work.


Secondly, I should probably finish reading all the clever books that I bought about nutrition and begin to follow the rules for autoimmune diseases. I was not very thorough in the past and I plan to change it (good plan! ). I noticed before that I feel a lot better when I exclude gluten and dairy from my diet, therefore, new diet it is!

fresh air

Some more fresh air would be great as well. Hmm, but that might be a problem when you live in a big city. However, I am lucky to have parents who live in a countryside (in the mountains!). I plan to visit them more often to make my lungs happy. Few mini breaks a year will not harm anybody 😉

Perfect plan for perfect results, don’t you think? Starting tomorrow I will change my habits to feel better. I hope you can join me in this adventure 🙂




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