Ahh… the magic of yoga

I forgot how amazing you can feel after a yoga session. Even a 30 minutes of asanas will make you relaxed, confident and aware of your body.

The magical state of mind

fullsizerender2When I started the session I was not aware that my body was so tense. No wonder, in the world we live in, so many stressful situations and problems to solve…? During first few asanas I was still thinking about what has happened during the day and what should I do when I finish the class. But then something magical happened: I realized that I only focused on the moves not to fall on the mat and my mind started to relax. All the troubles dissapeared and it was just me, the mat and peacefulness.
I love this state of mind, this trouble-less feeling. That is why, after a hectic week like mine was, yoga is the perfect solution. I don’t know about you but I am too relaxed to even care about the issues I had before the session 🙂 I can honestly say that my challange has began, the challange to use yoga to help with my joints and stress.

Fight the stress

Stress can cause major problems with your thyroid, that is why, it is so important to control it. However, finding a way to reduce stress is very difficult and it is rather a marathon than a sprint. If yours isn’t yoga – keep digging, experiment, find this unique one thing that makes your mind peaceful and relaxed. I promise you will see the difference 🙂

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