The power of fresh mountain air

I am so proud of myself that I have decided to go to the mountains this weekend. The weather forecast was not promising anything good but I went anyway πŸ™‚ I arrived at my destination on Friday evening, and the minute I stepped out of the car I realised that the air smells devine (I mean you could feel the air is fresh); no car exhumes, smog just pure air (ahhhh…)! I went for dinner and then some dancing (why not burn calories when you are on a mini break ;)?)
The next morning I woke up early to have some breakfast and go for a walk in the mountains.
That night I slept only three hours but I had felt so full of energy and rested. I haven’t felt this good since my thyroid problems started. I went into the mountains to admire the beautiful view from the above. It was so worth it, the view was unbelievable, and the air was even better up there (you could really feel its power). And then a dinner in a typical mountain restaurant, potato pancakes with mushroom sauce (delicious).
To compliment all those amazing feelings, on my way back I saw three beautiful deers πŸ™‚ Perfect finish, don’t you think?
The mini break was amazing due to several factors that I have noticed and I would like to share them with you:
  1. I felt rested and full of energy (as mentioned above)
  2. My mood rose by 100% (I mean I had the impression that I couldn’t be more happier at that point)
  3. My skin looked far better only after two days, even with the cold weather (-2ΒΊC)
  4. I wasn’t craving for ‘forbidden’ food like gluten, sugar or dairy
  5. I felt like I am taking really deep breaths because the air was so fresh (this might actually be the reason for all the above πŸ™‚
Just to sum up, I couldn’t wish for a better mini break than this one. I know that there will be more weekends like those but for now it is at the top of my list and I can’t wait for another fresh air challenges πŸ™‚

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