What I eat in a day

In my previous blogs I mentioned my sports challenge (here and here) and the fresh air challenge (here). Now came the time to write about the diet challenge. I wanted to write this post as a first one of my challenge series but I didn’t have an idea how to do it. Then, I did some research and decided to use an idea which is very famous around vlogers – the “What I eat in a day” theme.
So, let’s start.
At the beginning I would like to mention what kind of diet do I have. As a Hashimoto’s Warrior I follow a gluten-free/dairy-free/soy-free diet. I also try to avoid beans because I don’t feel particularly good after eating them (this has nothing to do with my condition, just my digestive system). You may ask (as my colleague in the office did): So what do you live on….air?! Actually no, there are many products that I can eat, that are healthy, nutritious and tasty at the same time ?Β And this article is here to prove this point. I will present you my menu for one day and I hope you will find some inspiration.



I had delicious egg omlettes with coconut oil and of course freshly brewed black coffee. For the omlette I used corn flour (I run out of coconut flour) which makes it gluten free and I took almond milk to eliminate dairy.



Courgette, mushrooms and tomato stew served with millet and sprinkled with sunflower seeds.
I also had an amazing citrus green tea. I’m not a fan of fruit tea (it tastes too artificial to me) but this one is just unbelievable πŸ˜‰



Grilled chicken with pickles and cherry tomatoes. I believe rocket salad would fit perfectly here but I was too lazy to go to the shop today πŸ˜‰
After dinner I had a spicy tea that smells like Christmas (it’s December and few days before the Holidays)
So, that was a day of my diet full of health and what is even more important full of taste. I really hope that my day of eating will convince you that gluten-free/dairy-free/soy-free diet is not only benefitial for your autoimmune condition but is also not boring.
If you feel like sharing, let me know in the comments section what are your diet tricks πŸ™‚

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