I’m in remission!!!!

I am so happy to tell you that my recent blood tests suggest that my Hashimoto’s is in remission 🙂 I cannot even express how excited I am about that 🙂 I smile all the time when I think about those news! Of course, this may not be permanent, however, I am glad that at least for a moment I will be Hashimoto’s free 🙂

Let’s celebrate!!!!

What does it mean that I’m in remission. Basically, it means that my body does not produce antibodies everytime my thyroid is producing hormones. It does not treat the hormones as an enemy 🙂 Therefore, my body is less tense and does not attack it’s own cells.
Now, you might ask what I did to achieve it? Well, for starters I eliminated gluten from my diet, as advised by many articles. There was also a time where I didn’t eat dairy as well. I can’t guarantee that gluten and dairy are the reason why my body went into remission but I believe that it had something to do with it. Of course, I need to repeat the tests due to control the illness.
In order to be sure that my current health state stays the same, I started the Autoimmune Protocol diet. It means that I eat only protein (meat, fish, eggs), fruit and vegetables. I avoid grains in any form. Those radical rules will not be forever, but for a time being I feel great and full of energy.
I plan to do a new What I eat in a day post but right now I wanted to share those amazing news with you.
If you have any questions to me, please write them in the comments section below 🙂

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