Food to avoid when you have thyroid problems

As you may or may not know, from January 2017 I am on a serious loosing weight journey. At the end of the year my weight reached a point which I could not tolerate and I decided to action. Of course, those problems are a result of my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. The desease does not make any plan easier but it does not make it impossible so I decided to try.
This time, I didn’t read any articles online and didn’t buy any books (there are so many books on my bookshelf already). This time, I went to the doctor and dietitian for advise. I won’t discuss the diet here yet, because I would like to see big results first (the review of the diet will appear on my blog, I promise). However, there were few tips that I have received which might be very useful for you all.
  1. Be happy for even the smallest results.

This sounds like a cliche, I know. However, when you suffer from autoimmune desease like Hashimoto’s it is very difficult. The truth is, that if during the weight loss process your weight is in a plateau it can be considered a success. So, don’t give up. You need to be patient.
  1. Avoid Soy at all cost.

This might be a bit tricky, because soy can be found as an ingredient in chocolate even. You need to read the labels carefully. If there is no label available (bakery etc.) ask the shop assistant for details. They are obliged to provide you with the information. Why avoid soy? Because it prevents the thyroid hormones to be properly absorbed and your body suffers from the lack of those hormones. As a result, you may have more visible symptoms of autoimmune desease. Therefore, no SOY.
  1. Follow the low glycemic food rule.

You can find many articles and lists online explaining that rule. Basically, we need to avoid all the foods that contain a lot of sugar. When it comes to fruit, for example, you should avoid bananas, grapes, mangos, kiwis, watermelons and pineapples. It might sound challenging at the beginning but it is totally doable.
  1. Consider the way you prepare vegetables.

Now, here the rule is more complex. We have different preparation method. We can boil, steam, fry vegetables, we can even eat them raw. Apparently, there are groups of vegetables that can be prepared only in a particular way to be healthy and nutricious for us.
  • vegetables like: cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, turnip and kohlrabi need to be boiled without the lid and with lots of water.
  • vegetables like: carrot, parsley, beetroot and celery should be eaten raw. When boiled their glycemic index raises.
I hope that those tips will help you a little bit in achieving your goals. If you have any other tips to share, write them in the comments section below.

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