Greece, seaside, sunshine and …

It’s holiday season finally, my dear Hashimoto’s warriors! At last we have the chance to go somewhere and enjoy the sun and relax. Now, I believe we are planning or at least thinking about where to go and what to do. There is a variety of destinations to visit. You can go to the seaside/oceanside, go to the mountains, have some sightseeing in the city, you name it. Perfect, but I would like you to know that while having Hashimoto’s you need to consider your destination extra careful. You need to make sure that the place you are going will not harm your, already harmed, thyroid. What do I mean about that? Well, the answer is simple, it is IODINE.
Hmm, sounds odd ’cause when we think thyroid we usually think take some iodine, eat food with iodine or go to the seaside. This might be the case for hypothyroidism but not the autoimmune desease.
When it comes to our nasty enemy the iodine only helps the desease to harm our thyroid even more. And, we don’t want that do we? Of course, I don’t mean that you should never go to the seaside for the rest of your life. What I am saying is to consider the risk while planning your holidays. The best way would be to consult your doctor about it.
The doctor can check your blood test results and tell you if you can go or not. My doctor told me lately that I can go to the seaside but not longer than a week (5 days are optimal), whereas my friend has a limit of two days. So, as you can see it all depends on the level of your desease. That is why, it is so important to visit your doctor twice a year or more often if it is necessary. Doing that you will be sure that while planning a perfect ‘escape’ from the everyday life, you will not only relax, you will protect your thyroid as well.
So, plan your lovely holiday break and remember to stay healthy.

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