Home remedies for cold and flu with Hashimoto’s

cold and flu
I recently had a terrible flu which lasted two and a half weeks. As you know, the flu is always cured with home remedies and a lot of rest. That is why, I decided to write about this because while lying in bed and getting better we can make few mistakes that can cure our flu but harm our thyroid. When you think of home remedies you probably have in mind a hot tea, some painkillers and vitamin C, right? You are correct, however, if you suffer from Hashimoto’s you have to make some alterations. Let me present those alterations to you as well as some tips to feel better.
  1. Hot tea

    I know that we are all used to drink regular tea with some lemon and honey when we are ill. However, black tea can harm our thyroid and slow down the hormonal process. Instead of that I suggest making some hot water with ginger and lemon. If you do not have a sore throat you can also add some honey to sweeten the drink (remember: honey irritates the throat!)
    Instructions: take a thumb size piece of fresh ginger. Boil it with some water for few minutes. After is cools down a little bit add fresh lemon juice (1/2 lemon). Alternatively, you can add some honey or any other sweetener. And, you are done ? This drink will make you warm and will fight the cold naturally. If you don’t like the idea of water with ginger, you can always try drinking white tea (it will not harm your thyroid like black tea would)

  2. Painkillers

    Yes, sometimes they are necessary, but you need to make sure that they will not harm your thyroid. Instead of taking ibuprofen like most of us are used to, try taking paracetamol. It is safer and even breast-feeding women and small children can take it when in pain (that must be a good argument that it is a better pill to take). Paracetamol fights fever and flu symptoms just as good as ibuprofen but it is safer! ?

  3. Turmeric

    This spice is a real diamond among spices. It can really cure any flu discomfort and it also can boost our immune system (you should add it to your meals even if you are healthy as a horse). Apart from adding this to your chicken, scrambled eggs or a salad you can also prepare a hot drink called “Golden Milk“. You can find many recipes for this cure online, but it is basically some milk (I use almond or coconut milk) and a pinch of turmeric boiled together. You can also add some cinnamon, honey or nutmeg (you can be creative here!).

I don’t believe I have to mention here some cosy blanket and a good book or TV series (there is no alternation here ? ).
I wish you all the best in this flu season. I hope that you will not get a cold, but if you do follow the tips above and you will be healthy in no time 🙂

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