How I deal with water retention with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Do you know the feeling when you are so swollen that your clothes don’t fit and you can’t put on your favourite rings? You wonder why that is? You didn’t eat a lot the day before and you were exercising? It is probably due to water retention. Your body keeps water in instead of getting rid of it. If you are curious what to do about it – keep reading this article.
There are many causes of water retention (hormones, salt intake, heart deseasses, dehydration etc.). I am not be able to tell you which ones concern you but I can tell you some tips and tricks how to deal with it.
  1. Drink plenty of water during the day. I know that this tip is present in almost all of my blog posts however, this is actually a crucial tip. When you are drinking enough water during the day your body does not feel threatened that it will dehydrate and controls the water levels correctly. If, however, you dehydrate your body it keeps the water in to prepare for “worse” times and then you feel swollen.
  2. Control your salt intake. Salt is a main reason we are keeping water in our bodies. So, when you feel full quite often reduce salt in your dishes. I’m not saying get rid of salt in general, just reduce its amount. If you feel like you lack flavour in your food just add some herbs and it will balance the taste. Also, avoid fried food if possible. They contain a lot of salt and saturated fats that are also not helping in the water retention process.
  3. Drink nettle tea. It is perfect to get rid of the excess of water in your body. Remember, however, not to drink it before you go to bed, because you will end up waking up every 30 minutes to go to the toilet ? Drink it in the morning after breakfast preferably. You will see the results in no time.
  4. Eat some watermelon. Of course, only if you really like the fruit. But, if you do (like myself) you will see the difference when it comes to water retention. Watermelon contains 92% of water also it has many micro elements which are crucial for your body (especially during a heatwave). Therefore, it hydrates your body, gives you energy due to micro-elements and helps to get rid of the extra water in your body cells.
Now, those rules are great for everyday use. They are natural and do not threaten your natural body functions. The other advantage is that they are inexpensive, easy accessible and they really help. I do all of those tips everyday to feel better. I do not have problems with too tight trousers, shoes or rings anymore. If you suffer from water retention only during heatwaves just do those steps only in the summer or being on holidays. There is no need to get rid of water if your body functions properly.
Please let me know if the comments below if those tips helped you. Maybe you have more tips to share? I would like to try them out ?

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