Pamper routine to relax your mind

DSC03083I love the part of the week when I do not have to rush anywhere and I can spent the day spoiling myself. After few pampering activities I feel relaxed, my body is less tense and I have more energy to continue with my responsibilities. I try to do the routine once a week but we all know that you sometimes do not have time to sleep not to mention to pamper yourself. However, I make sure to enjoy the relaxing routine once a month at least.
Now, what exactly do I do on those days? I don’t think that I will be very original here because many of such articles have been published, however, I feel like I want to share it on my blog ?

Must Haves:

comfy clothes



First thing I put on my comfy clothes, remove my make-up, tie up my hair and I put my phone on silence mode (I don’t want to be disturbed – this is my “me time”). Then, I light some candles and put some nice music on. I do not have any preferred type of music I usually decide on the go, depending on my mood. After setting all those things up I take a long bath. I suffer from chronic migraine’s therefore, I try to use lavender oils or bath salts to ease the pain. Of course, I do not forget about body scrub, face mask etc. just to feel and look even more relaxed. When the time in the bathroom is over I move to my living room, I take a cosy blanket, a nice cup of tea (herbal usually) and a nice book to read (optionally I watch a movie but I prefer to read).
After that I feel so relaxed that I fall a sleep with ease and I wake up rested and happy that I did something nice for myself ?
Like I said in the begining, my pamper routine is definetely not something inventional but if you haven’t tried it your are not aware what you are missing. These are only few simple steps but it makes such a difference to your well-being. When your body is relaxed your thoughts are clearer and you are more happy than before. And this is what we all want, right? To be happy and comfortable with your body and our decisions. So, a pamper routine is not just about the skin, it is more about our soul. Like a nice bath for your mind.
I’m curious if you have any particular pamper routines that you do to de-stress and how do you feel after it. Write them down in the comments below if you feel like it.

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