Skincare routine with Hashimoto’s: Part 2

As promised previously I have a second part of the skincare routine post. The last post (that you can find here) was about face care. This time we will focus on the whole body.
It won’t be any surprise for you if I tell you that I have a very dry and sensitive skin on my whole body. My knees and elbows are extremely dry and I have atopic eczema on my belly. Now, what can you do with such problems? Fortunately, I have some tips here 🙂
Let’s start with shower, shall we?

Similar to the previous article you need to make sure that you should use as natural products as possible. Read the label to check if there aren’t any parabens in the shower gel or shower cream. When you have eczema you can try to use cosmetics produced for such problems. From my experience I can say that baby products are perfect here. They are sensitive, parabens and artificial scents free. I like to use Pain Surgras to wash my whole body (I mentioned it in the previous post).

You should make a body scrub at least once a week.
There are many body scrubs in shops which are based on sugar or sea salt. But, from my experience I can say that a home made scrub is the best and so simple to do, I promise. All you need is some grounded coffee and a natural youghurt. You mix those together and apply it under a shower. You cannot imagine how soft your skin is afterwards. It feels like a baby skin – amazing. The only problem for some of you might be the mess that it causes when you apply it. But, it is very easy to wash and believe me, as soon as you feel your skin the little mess will not be important.
Now, moisturising.
There are many things available in shops, of course, remembering the paraben free rule 🙂 You can choose from collections like: body butters, body lotions, body oils. I personally adore using baby oil or coconut oil to moisturise my skin after a shower and a scrub. Using those products I am certain that I use products that are sensitive and nurishing for my body.
So, those would be the most important tips to take care of your body with sensitive skin. Please let me know if you find the post useful. The comments section is all yours.

Take care of your body.

Because, in a healthy body, there is a healthy spirit 🙂

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