Skincare routine with Hashimoto’s: Part 3

Being a Hashimoto’s Warrior I know how important it is to take care of your body from the inside (diet, medicine) and outside (skincare). In my past few articles I have mentioned skincare routine with Hashimoto’s, which you can find here and here. I focused mainly on my face and body. Now, as the summer is almost over I can see that there is another aspect that needs to be mentioned. What I mean here is lipcare. In my opinion, the two most harmful seasons for our lips are winter (because of the cold air) and summer (due to heat and humidity).
The skin on my lips is very dry. It is because due to Hashimoto’s and sugar level spikes I feel thirsty. I need to take care of them and during summer and winter I need to be extra careful. i can even see that when I do not put any lip products on my lips for too long it is then very difficult to bring them in good shape. That is why, I do not leave the house without proper products and I always have some lip products in every corner of my house.
Now, due to the fact that the basic lipcare is not very complex I decided to present you my most favourite lip products that I use everyday.

Vaseline Lip Therapy (Petroleum Jelly)

This is my go to lip product that I use when I am at home. I especially like to use it after I run a toothbrush on my lips. To moisture after a “scrub”. Also, I like to put a thick layer on the Vaseline while I’m doing my makeup in the morning. After that my lips are ready to survive any colour lipstick that I want to use (which I use really rarely due to m y drying lips)

Labello Milk and Honey

This product is in my bag wherever I go. It is not too greasy and it is invisible on your lips. I also use it when I have a day when I like to wear a colour lipstick. I put it under the lipstick and on it to make my lips feel hydrated. It does not change the colour and the texture of the lipstick (even a matt one).

Nivea Lip Butter.

Right now I have blueberry flavour but previously I had coconut one. The first thing to say about that product is that is smells amazing: like AMAZING. Everytime I open the pot the smell relaxes me. The other advantage is that it leaves sort of a milky shine on your lips (if you know what I mean). I know that many people do not like it but when I want a little bit of colour and I don’t mind nude than this little pot is my answer.

Nivea Care and Colour Red

That is my go to everyday lipstick when I need my lips to look more alive (which is more or less every day :)) The care is as Nivea promises really good, but it also gives a little colour which you do not have to correct while holding a mirror. It looks natural and leaves your lips protected. I have seen that there were three shades (peach, rink and red). I chose the red because I have too many pink lipsticks.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant

This is a product that I have bought on a plane because I was curious of it. And, to be honest I LOVE IT. It does not have a strong scent and it does not give any colour on your lips but the care and moisture is just unbelievable. It works from the very minute you apply it on your lips and it stays for a very long time. I almost have the feeling that it soaks into my lips instead of just lying on my lips (if you know what I mean). Even after I drink or eat something something I still feel I have it on my lips. I know that everytime I take a plane I will buy it.


Now, I hope that I have helped you at least a little bit to choose. If you know any other lip products that work please let me know in the comments section.
By the way, this article is not sponsored by any of the brands presented, It is my personal and subjective opinion. Some of the products mentioned may not work for you.

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