So, you have Hashimoto’s..? Now, your journey begins

trip-3Hi Gorgeous

If you happen to be stuck with an autoimmune disease like mine (Hashimoto’s) or any other condition that makes you everyday life a little hard, then I believe you are in the right place. When you feel hopeless about the symptoms that you experience please read those few tips that I find very helpful when it comes to my wellbeing



Find a doctor that you can trust

Why am I mentioning it here? The fact that someone finished a medical school does not mean that he/she will understand your troubles. Trust me, my first contact with an endocrinologist left me with a feeling that there is no hope for me. I was sure that there is nothing I can do to make me feel better, until I met my current doctor, who is very thorough, up-to-date with the newest medical discoveries and never leaves me with an unanswered question. Thanks to her I know that from a medical point of view my condition is under control. That is why it is important to have someone like that. Don’t be afraid to change the doctor, try to ask your friends (my doctor was recommended by my friend with the same disease), search in the internet for some patients’ opinions. Make sure your doctor is someone you can trust.

Trust your instincts

I spent days reading articles and blogs to find diets and tips to help me. There are so many tips as there are people who publish them. That should not stop you from testing them, though. Do what your guts say. If you believe that doing yoga will help, practice it. If you know that not eating gluten will help the symptoms, eliminate it. But, every time you feel that the method is not for you, stop it immediately. The fact, that it helps 10 people does not mean it has to be beneficial for you.


This is directly linked to the previous point. Please search for the things that will make you feel better. It does not matter if it is some kind of diet, sport or cosmetics. Try it out, it might change your wellbeing forever.

Smile like you mean it

This is actually a tip that I have learnt from my dad. He always said that a person’s face looks much better with a smile. Believe it or not, it makes a huge difference. When you get up in the morning try to smile to yourself in the mirror. I actually do that every time I am looking into a mirror. Before you say that this tip will not change anything I encourage you to make a week’s challenge to smile to yourself when you look into a mirror.


I really hope that those tips will help you at the beginning of the trip to wellbeing. I am also keen on knowing if you have any tips you could share.

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