Long time no see – little update

oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…. I haven’t been here for a very long time, and I owe you an explanation. Few, of the things have happened during my absence and I will update you on everything.
First of all, I have moved to a different flat last week. It might not seem like a terribly difficult thing to do, but the hardest activities I had to do were done during the heatwave. I was literally melting! I’m a person who loves hot weather and I’m always waiting for heatwaves (i’m constantly cold because of my thyroid problems). But this time, even I was complaining ? . You can imagine carrying heavy things from one flat to another (on the opposite site of the city!) when there are 40 degrees (Celsius) in the shade. That is why, after a long day of sweating the last thing I wanted to do was open my laptop. Although, I really wanted to write something to you. Right now, all of my belongings are in the new flat and I only have to put them in the right place (easy-peasy). I finally have time to organize my life and my work in my way ?
That was the explanation of my absence, now, let’s move to the key point of this post which is – my thyroid condition update.
About a month ago, I have visited my endocrinologist (half year check up). And I found out couple of interesting things. Some of those were surprising for me, to be honest.
For starters, I am not allowed to run anymore!!!

At least, not as intensive as I did (10k in May – see article here). I have to do more yoga, pilates or walking. I cannot make my body as tired as I did, cause it does not do my body any good. Now, with this hint, I stopped preparing for a 3k relay in September. The plan for my exercise is to practice pilates in my local gym and take the city bikes to get to work everyday. I will keep you updated when it comes to my fitness plan, but I am leaving it for my next post.

The other thing is that I need to monitor my sugar levels because they are high.
I need to eat more low glycemic vegetables and fruit. My updated what I eat in a day post will also appear on my blog soon.
Last, but not least, I need to check my hormone level after three months (instead of 6 month period) due to worse test results.
I received a higher dose of my thyroid medicine. I need to monitor my results every quarter of the year and if they are still as bad my medicine dose will increase again. This is not a good news for me, however, I know that it is just a phase and it will be better soon. I just need to take care of my diet a bit more, eliminate some of the high glycemic food that I love but are harmful for my blood sugar level and I will be fine. My health is not in a bad condition and I don’t mind taking a pill everyday. I just need to incorporate few improvements and everything will get back to ¬†normal.
I really hope that you are feeling well and you are monitoring your health systematically. Stay healthy and strong and write your thoughts in the comment section below ? (if you feel like it, of course)

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